Submitting information

Please send this EXACT AMOUNT to the following address:

Your reference for the transaction:


You should use an official wallet Daedalus or Yoroi

Don't close your internet browser.

If something happens, send us the reference with the payment amount per

Once the amount is received on our address, we will mint the new native token and send it back to you with 2 ADA.

You can always follow your transaction arriving to our address on the blockchain .

Your token has been successfully created and is sent back to your address.
You will soon receive the token and the metadata on your wallet.

You can follow the transaction with the following link.

Don't hesitate to contact us at "" if you encounter any issues.

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What do you want to create on Cardano (ADA) ?

For the whole process, you will need approximately 5 minutes and everything is automatized.
You will need to have a wallet that you control and modern enough to accept ADA Native Token.
We strongly advise to you use the officials wallet solutions: Daedalus or Yoroi .
You won't be able to receive your ADA Native Token or NFT from a exchange place account.
The total cost of the transaction is around is 5 ADA.

Check our page How does it work? for more information

Create your new token

Please enter the information about your new token.

We strongly advise you to read the official documentation about the purposes and definition of Cardano Native Token

Advanced features

Create your NFT

Please enter the information about your NFT

Be aware that your NFT will be uploaded on a IPFS server.

Final validation

By clicking on submit, the process will start the generation of your new token on the blockchain.

Do you want to give us some your new token (see it as a tips) to the team behind this app? (we like to collect those)

Final validation for your NFT

By clicking on submit, the process will start the generation of your new NFT on the blockchain.