Submitting information

Please send this EXACT AMOUNT ADAto the following address:

Your reference for the transaction:


You should use an official wallet Daedalus or Yoroi

Don't close your internet browser.

If something happens, send us the reference with the payment amount per

Once the amount is received on our address, we will mint the new native token and send it back to you with 2 ADA.

You can always follow your transaction arriving to our address on the blockchain .

Your token has been successfully created and is sent back to your address.
You will soon receive the token and the metadata on your wallet.

You can follow the transaction with the following link.

Don't hesitate to contact us at "" if you encounter any issues.

If you want to register your Native Token on the cardano token registry, please contact us via email and we will provide a signed version of the Metadata.

You can also see your minted native token / nft on with the the following link

If you need, you can find the policy minting script on the the following link.

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Who is behind the cardano native token and NFT builder?

You might wonder who is behind this platform ?
Actually no one special.

I'm a full stack developer who have been passionate about the ADA eco-system for a while.
I created this platform initially for myself, to quickly create a NFT and some native token to play around.
Then I realize it might be useful for other people who don't have the knowledge to run a cardano node or read long documentation.

You can always reach me via email at the following address

For the moment I don't have big plans for this platform besides improving it with suggestions from users (ability to create collection of NFTs, fine-tune the minting policies)
But don't hesitate reach out if you have any ideas.

I'm also deep into the Plutus and Hacksell learning phase at the moment so probably once the smart contracts are live on cardano, I will build some new features.