How Does It Work? Understanding Our Comprehensive Service

Before diving into the specifics, remember that our team is always available via email to address any concerns or questions. Also, our FAQ section is a great resource for quick answers.

The Process: Simplified and Versatile
Step 1: Define Your Digital Asset

- For Tokens and Cryptocurrencies. Enter the token symbol and the quantity you wish to issue. These are the core properties of your token, while additional details will be included as metadata in the minting transaction.

- For NFTs. Provide the necessary details of your NFT, including any unique identifiers and digital asset links. Our system will handle the intricacies of NFT minting, including IPFS hosting for digital assets.

Step 2: Transaction and Policy Creation

- Send the Specified ADA Amount Follow the instructions on the confirmation page to send the exact ADA amount. This amount facilitates the creation of your digital asset and its underlying policies.

- What Happens Next? We use this ADA to mint your asset and establish its policy. To comply with Cardano's minimum transaction requirement, we'll return 2 ADA to your wallet. The entire process incurs a total cost slightly above 15 ADA. For detailed information, refer to the official Cardano documentation.

Step 3: Minting Your Digital Asset

- Creation on Our Node Your tokens, NFTs, or cryptocurrencies are minted on our dedicated node. For NFTs, we ensure the asset is securely uploaded to an IPFS node, providing you with the metadata path in the transaction.

- Applying Time-Lock Policy We implement a time-lock policy during policy creation. The metadata you receive will include the slot number, offering you an additional layer of verification and security.

Step 4: Receiving Your Digital Asset

- Direct to Your Wallet The newly minted token or NFT is sent back to the originating payment address. Along with your digital asset, you'll receive comprehensive metadata in JSON format, detailing essential information about your creation.

- Your Role in the Cardano Ecosystem You contribute to the dynamic and growing Cardano ecosystem with each asset you create. We're excited to support you in this journey, whether it's creating a new cryptocurrency, minting a unique NFT, or exploring other innovative features. Your success and innovation are what drive us forward!

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