Submitting information

Your reference for the transaction:
Please save this reference for any futures exchanges.

Please send this EXACT AMOUNT ADAto the following address:


You should use an official wallet Daedalus or Eternl or Nami or Typhon.

Don't close your internet browser.
When Cardano network is congested, it can take up to 30min to see the transaction confirmed on CardanoScan.

If something happens, send us the reference with the payment amount per

Once the amount is received on our address, we will mint the new native token and send it back to you with 2 ADA.

You can always follow your transaction arriving to our address on the blockchain .

Your token has been successfully created and is sent back to your address.
You will soon receive the token and the metadata on your wallet.

You can follow the transaction with the following link.

When Cardano network is congested, it can take up to 30min to see the transaction confirmed on CardanoScan.

Don't hesitate to contact us at "" if you encounter any issues.

Please keep the following reference for any futures exchanges with us:

You can also see your minted native token / nft on with the the following link

If you need, you can find the policy minting script on the the following link.

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How does it work?

Understand the mechanics behind

Before, going into the nitty gritty, you have to understand that we are always reachable via email to solve your issue.

Have a look at the FAQ section as well, you might find your answer there.

Fill in the information about the token, crypto currency or NFT you want to create

Enter the token symbol and the quantity you want to issue.
It's the two properties which will be part of the token.
The rest will be metadata sent along the minting transaction

Send the amount of ADA mentioned

Send the exact amount mentioned on the confirmation page.
The amount will be used to create the token and its policies, and we will send you back 2 ADA to cover the min ada requirement. (On Cardano you need a minimum amount to perform a transaction)
More details on the official documentation
In total the transaction will cost a little more than 15 ADA

The native token or NFT is minted

The tokens, NFT, Cryptocurrencies will be created / minted on our node.
For NFT, we will take care of uploading the asset on a IPFS node. You will receive the path of the image in the metadata along the transaction
During the creation of the policy we apply the time-lock policy type. In the metadata, you will receive the slot number that you can verify

The token is sent back to your wallet.

The token, or NFT will be sent back to the payment address we received the ADA from.
You will also receive additional metadata. This metadata will be in a JSON Format and will contain essential information about your new asset. I hope for you that your token will be useful for you or anyone.

Remember you can test itTest it on the testnet blockchain before hand if you are not sure

You are interested about using it but you don't trust it?
Ask for feedback and browse our blockchain account to see all the tokens created or don't hesitate to use another service.
More info in the FAQ

Be patientThe whole process takes about 5 min

things are not instantaneous on the blockchain, that's why you have to be patient and keep your browser opened.
If something does not work and you feel cheated just contact us on
The cool thing on the blockchain is that we always can see if a transaction reached a certain wallet because everything is connected